Medical Tourism – How Do I Know Where to Go For Treatment?

Doctors and hospitals in more than twenty different countries are now offering medical services to expatriate travelers and medical tourists each year. Medical tourism is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up with the list of countries that are building modern hospitals to cater to First-World patients. It is not difficult to see why the paket outbound jogja question that comes to mind for a prospective patient is “Where do I go for medical treatment?”

It is here that a good internet search helps. Several personal questions have to be answered to make your destination decision:

What countries have a program for the medical need I have?
How far am I willing to travel for treatment?
Can I get an all inclusive program that coordinates travel to the country, help with initial medical contacts, and a place to stay while recovering?

World Medical Resources, a new online medical travel directory begun in 2008, provides a comprehensive information site that provides much free information on medical travel. Here you can find out about procedures and treatment, destinations, accreditations, and articles on medical tourism. This site is a good place to begin your search. Some information requires registration but this is easily done.

Below I have listed some of the destination countries that offer medical tourism services. The medical tourism services of most of these countries can be accessed through Medical travel facilitators like Patients Without Borders, MedRetreat and Medical Nomad. Each facilitating group specializes in certain types of medical procedures and has contracts with doctors and hospitals in various countries to provide these procedures. There are other medical travel facilitators that specialize in travel only to a particular country.

To give an idea of the geographical range of possible destinations, I am listing alphabetically some of the countries presently providing medical tourism procedures. They are Argentina, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Dubai/UAE, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, and Turkey.

Certainly, among this list you can find a destination that fits your budget and medical needs. And as a side benefit, you get a vacation, often in a place you might otherwise have never visited. Good luck in your search for health and happiness.